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Office Overview

Administration Bureau Appeals Bureau Criminal Court Bureau
Investigations Bureau  Special Victims Bureau Supreme Court Bureau
Narcotics Bureau

Assistant District Attorney Bureau

District Attorney's
 Detective Investigators Squad

  District Attorney's
 NYPD Detective Squad


Administration Bureau

The Administration Bureau is responsible for providing administrative support for the entire Office of the Richmond County District Attorney.  This administration support comes in the form of secretaries, paralegals, process servers, victim advocates and social workers as well as all of the administrative staff throughout the various bureaus. Administration is comprised of the following units: Human Resources, Budget and Grants, Facilities Management and Security, Procurement, Video and Photography, Grand Jury Stenographers and Information Technology (IT).  The Deputy Bureau Chief is Frank Malandro.

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Appeals Bureau

The Appeals Bureau handles all the office’s appellate work, defending convictions and sentences against legal challenge in all appellate courts in New York State, including the state’s highest court, the New York Court of Appeals.  The bureau is also responsible for defending convictions from collateral attack in state court or by petition for writ of habeas corpus in federal courts.  In defending convictions and sentences, the office not only prepares legal papers outlining the office’s position, but, where required, presents oral argument as well.  In addition to defending challenges to convictions, the bureau also takes appeals, where permitted by law and when deemed appropriate, from adverse orders issued by judges exercising criminal jurisdiction in Richmond County.

The bureau serves as a valuable legal resource to all attorneys in the office, providing advice and research assistance when requested and helps oversee civil litigation in which the office is involved.  The bureau also presents continuing legal education programs on issues of particular interest to members of the office and is in the process of developing an in-house legal research system which would enable assistant district attorneys on trial to quickly find cases and written material prepared by attorneys in the bureau that might bear on a particular legal issue that has arisen in the course of a trial.  The Chief of the Appeals Bureau is Assistant District Attorney Morrie I. Kleinbart.  The Deputy Bureau Chief is Assistant District Attorney Anne Grady.

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Criminal Court Bureau

Criminal Court is the point of entry for almost all prosecutions conducted by the Richmond County District Attorney’s Office.  Each year, more than 11,000 cases are processed through Criminal Court.  Felonies, the most serious level of crime, are screened in Criminal Court and directed to the appropriate bureau or unit within the District Attorney’s Office for eventual prosecution in Supreme Court.  All misdemeanors and violations are prosecuted directly in Criminal Court.  The range of misdemeanor cases handled by Criminal Court assistants is wide. It includes, but is not limited to, prostitution, driving while intoxicated, graffiti writing, gambling, petit larceny, menacing and assault.  The Chief of the Criminal Court Bureau is Assistant District Attorney Joanne Grippo.  The Deputy Bureau Chiefs of the Criminal Court Bureau are Assistant District Attorney Biju Koshy and Assistant DIstrict Attorney Jeffrey Curiale.

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Investigations Bureau

The Investigations Bureau is primarily responsible for reviewing, initiating and prosecuting cases involving a wide range of offenses, including white collar crimes, computer crimes, counterfeiting, organized crime, narcotics distribution, conspiracy, extortion, larcenies involving fraud such as embezzlement, insurance fraud, identity theft, cold case homicides, auto theft and consumer complaints.  The Investigations Bureau may also be assigned murder, robbery, burglary and assault cases.  The Chief of the Investigations Bureau is Assistant District Attorney Amy Legow.  The Deputy Bureau Chief of the Investigations Bureau is Assistant District Attorney David Frey.

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Special Victims Bureau

The Special Victims Bureau investigates and prosecutes sex crimes, child abuse, domestic violence, human trafficking and crimes against seniors.  Specially-trained prosecutors are assisted by victim advocates who accompany victims to court appearances, discuss safety issues and provide referrals for counseling.  The Chief of the Special Victims Bureau is Assistant District Attorney Wanda DeOliveira.  The Deputy Bureau Chief is Assistant District Attorney Tuesday Muller-Mondi.

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Supreme Court Bureau

The Supreme Court Bureau is responsible for the prosecution of felony crimes such as homicide, burglary, robbery, assault, grand larceny, and weapons offenses.  Cases are presented to the Grand Jury.  Those that result in an indictment are prosecuted in Supreme Court.  The Chief of the Supreme Court Bureau is Assistant District Attorney Anthony Catalano.

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Narcotics Bureau

The Narcotics Bureau is responsible for the prosecution controlled substance crimes.  Felony cases are presented to the Grand Jury.  Those that result in an indictment are prosecuted in Supreme Court.  The Chief of the Narcotics Bureau is Assistant District Attorney Karen Varriale.

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Executive Assistant District Attorney Bureau

The Executive Assistant District Attorney Bureau is comprised of the Executive Assistant District Attorney, the Chief Trial Counsel, the Crime Strategies Unit, and the Special Case Unit, which handles arson, deaths in police custody, bribery, official corruption, and vehicular homicide. The Executive Assistant District Attorney is responsible for the day-to-day, operational functions of the entire legal staff, and also oversees a variety of office projects, programs and initiatives, including asset forfeiture, drug treatment and Continuing Legal Education. The Chief Trial Counsel is a veteran prosecutor, responsible for the prosecution of defendants accused of homicide offenses, the review of Cold Case Homicides, and assisting in the overall training and mentoring of ADAs. 

The Executive Assistant District Attorney is Timothy J. Koller. Serving under his supervision are Chief Trial Counsel Kyle Reeves; Assistant District Attorney Joseb Gim, Chief of the Crime Strategies Unit; and Assistant District Attorney Mark Palladino, Chief of the Special Case Unit.

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District Attorney's Detective Investigators Squad

The District Attorney’s Detective Investigators Squad is comprised of investigators with significant prior law enforcement experience.  The Detective Investigators (DIs) perform integral duties to the performance of the office including: conduct self-generated investigations as well as those received via public complaints; provide assistance to prosecutors in preparing for trial including locating witnesses and victims and taking statements, serving subpoenas and orders of protection, executing search and arrest warrants, transporting inmates, collecting voluntary and court-ordered DNA samples, and providing protection to ADAs and the District Attorney.  The DIs also operate the office’s Witness Assistance Relocation Program (WARP) via initial intake and assessment of threatened witnesses and provide assistance and relocation for confirmed cases.  The DIs also conduct specialized investigations of auto larceny, cold cases, identity theft and other serious crimes.

The Detective Investigators Squad serves under the supervision of Chief Investigator Robert J. Turbiak. The Deputy Chief Investigator is Thomas DeFelice.

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District Attorney's NYPD Detective Squad

The District Attorney’s NYPD Detective Squad is comprised of detectives and supervisors from the New York City Police Department assigned to assist the District Attorney in the investigation of criminal conduct.  The squad also works cooperatively with assistant district attorneys from all bureaus in the office and with a variety of city, state and federal agencies.  The District Attorney’s NYPD Detective Squad works under the supervision of Lieutenant Kevin Gallagher with assistance from Sergeant Matthew Muscarella.