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Appeals Bureau

Morrie Kleinbart


The Appeals Bureau provides New York’s appellate courts and all federal courts with in-depth written and oral analyses of legal and factual issues arising in a full range of criminal prosecutions, ensuring that properly-obtained convictions are upheld and that no defect in the trial-level proceedings unduly affects either the public or the accused.  Our attorneys have regularly appeared in some of the most highly respected appellate courts in the nation, including the New York Court of Appeals and the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit.

Apart from appearances in these and other appellate courts, the Appeals Bureau also represents the State of New York in federal courts at all levels in responding to federal habeas corpus petitions and defends against  state collateral attacks on convictions in both trial and appellate courts.  The bureau also initiates appeals when trial-level courts dismiss charges or suppress evidence in the absence of valid legal grounds for doing so.  And, because of the high regard for our work, we have been regularly called upon to appear in appellate courts as amici curiae to prepare submis?sions in important cases in which we would not otherwise be involved.  Finally, the bureau acts as counsel to all members of the office, providing any necessary counsel in a wide variety of matters.