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Narcotics Bureau




The Narcotics Bureau handles the prosecution of all felony-level offenses related to the unlawful possession and distribution of controlled substances. “Controlled substances” are defined in the Public Health Law, and include heroin, cocaine, and pharmaceutical drugs such as oxycodone, hydrocodone, and alprazolam. Assistant District Attorneys assigned to the Narcotics Bureau work alongside various law enforcement agencies on both street-level and long-term drug investigations.  These Assistant District Attorneys are responsible for all stages of prosecution including investigation, arrest, and trial.

The Narcotics Bureau also oversees all pleas and status updates involving Court-mandated drug treatment programs available in Richmond County, including Staten Island Treatment Court (SITC), Drug Treatment Alternatives to Prison (DTAP), and the Drug Consequence Awareness Panel (DrugCAP).  The Narcotics Bureau’s mission also includes outreach to the public in community and educational settings through presentations by ADAs focusing on current Staten Island drug trends and legal consequences. Members of the Narcotics Bureau also serve on various citywide and Staten Island-based task forces and committees focusing on the reduction of the supply of controlled substances and overdoses.